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Not All IT Support Is Created Equal; Quality Matters

Does your business value information technology products and services? Why should you?

My IT support company NE-INC sees many businesses place a higher value on being cheap and saving money, rather than having quality IT infrastructure.

To these people, I would pose the following 3 questions:

1. Why do you buy your clothes anywhere but the cheapest place in town? You can shop at a place like Goodwill, and get clothing for a fraction of what you would pay in a retail store. Why don’t you always buy the cheapest?

2. Why do you pay for food at a fancy restaurant, or from a high end supermarket? You can always find it cheaper at the 2nd day bread store, or a bargain store. Why don’t you always buy the cheapest?

3. Why do you live in a nice neighborhood, in a desirable house? You can always find it cheaper in “that” part of town, or in another part of the country? And why pay for home maintenance? You can always defer maintenance, and “get by”. Why don’t you always buy the cheapest?

You get the idea.

Someone once told me to pick, "FAST, CHEAP, or GOOD" and only choose 2 options. You can get it FAST and CHEAP, but it will not be of GOOD quality. Many times you can get an item CHEAP and of GOOD quality, but you may have to order it way in advance...availability will not be a priority. You can get a GOOD product FAST, but it will not be CHEAP.

You get the idea.

There is always someone willing to cut corners, bid a job cheaper, and use inferior products in order to get the job done at the lowest price. But the satisfaction of saving a few dollars, will be offset by the aggravation of inferior quality, and the time spent fighting that solution.

Expensive shoes "hurt" once (at the cash register). Cheap shoes hurt every day you wear them. Choosing a quality IT company that knows how to get the job done is probably not the cheapest option, but you'll have a smooth -running and reliable infrastructure to better run daily business operations.

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