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The essentials for every business IT setup.

#1 - Update Firewall Security System

Having a secure network to protect your business and customers is essential. A firewall defense system is hardware that fights security threats that come your way on multiple levels.

Reliable Anti-Virus

Sorry, using a free Anti-Virus is not going to provide adequate protection. It might be decent for home applications, but not for business. Having a centralized platform that can notify an IT administrator is essential.

Automated Updates & Support

At some point, businesses need immediate support to provide quick solutions. This could include automatic Windows updates whenever you need it, remote desktop support, etc. Desktop Central is a great platform for doing this and more.

Train Your Staff

Are your employees knowledgeable enough to spot potential threats, such as phone and email phishing? Use these training materials to keep your business secure.

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"Wise men learn more from fools than fools do from the wise"

     - Chinese Fortune Cookie

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