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Security products we use and our clients love.

WatchGuard Firewall Security
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Welcome to the top of the online security food chain.

Every business with an office of multiple computers needs a solid, updated Firewall. You can put a powerful WatchGuard security solution at the edge of your network and grow over time by adding exactly the security functions you need.

Anti-Virus Protection
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Enterprise Protection Strategy combines multiple layers of products and services for intelligent, comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats.

Security Cameras
Security Camera
NE-INC can provide you with the quality camera surveillance setup to fit your business needs.
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Axis IP Security Cameras

Axis' cameras cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates, to discreet products for sensitive environments. They provide premier security features including automatic zoom and focus, and Axis Digital autotracking.

NE-INC can provide you with an IP-based network of cameras, professional surveillance software, and remote access tools to give you peace of mind that your building is secure.

Axis Camera Companion and Axis Camera Station software systems allow users to setup powerful Windows based surveillance and recording systems.  Whether you have 4 cameras or 40, you can manage recordings, perform forensic examinations, and save video clips of specific events, with an easy Windows interface from your computer.  No more fiddling around with buttons on a DVR!  We have installed and support many of these devices, in various commercial application settings.

Milestone XProtect

Whether you want to protect your store from vandalism or you want to manage a multi-site, high security installation, our XProtect VMS makes it possible.

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