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Do you ever deal with painful software updates or have trouble managing your current setup on new computer hardware? We can help!

Tech support can be frustrating.

VMware is a technology that separates software components from hardware which allows for much easier hardware upgrades.

With VMware, we can use the applications you're currently running, put them on new hardware, and make them run just as they are, without changing the applications. We can setup new servers, install VMware on them, then virtualize an image of your old system into a virtual server that could then be deployed on that new, more efficient hardware.

Our dedicated Security Operations Team and staff work tirelessly to quickly identify and defend advanced threats and make sure your network is running smoothly and securely


Instant IT Support  and Hosting         


Office Virtualization         


Server Installation / Backups and Hosting


Network Security with Software and Hardware Solutions 


Focus on growing your business.
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34+ Award Winning Years in the IT Industry Protecting Businesses from Cyber Threats

Managed Next-Generation Firewalls • Endpoint Security and Protection • Managed Detection and Response • User Security • Security Advisory Services


Customers Everywhere Trust NE-Inc to Manage Their Cybersecurity

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"Our network infrastructure and IT Software and hardware operations run smoothly now and our staff is more aware of good security hygiene practices. Our security posture and Network Infrastructure is significantly improved and IT and our C-suite executives sleep a little better at night."

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“Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority and with the NE-Inc team we are operating so much better and efficiently than we ever have in the past.  I can't say enough good things about the company and team.”

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“Your network is your net worth and we could not continue to operate and scale with the team and support with NE-Inc.  They are an all around networking and IT Solution.  In all honesty if I had not found them we would have been out of business due to the network and operational issues we were facing.  Thank you Dave and team!”

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