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Why should companies outsource their IT support?

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Oftentimes, businesses choose to hire only one or two IT employees to take care of everything in-house, and believe they're saving money and productivity. But is that always true?

Regardless of your company size or current IT situation, here are some reasons why outsourcing can prove beneficial:

Efficient Cost Management:

Outsourcing is often less expensive than paying full-time employment. If you choose a reliable, local-based IT company, you can receive the benefits of both on-site and remote support when you need it. Some IT companies will let you purchase blocks of time at a discounted rate to be used on an "as needed" basis.

Free Up Resources & Increase Support with a Larger Team

Since you have limited resources as an organization, you also have limits to the type of things you can accomplish within your network on-site. Offloading your IT support to a third-party frees up internal resources that can be allocated to processes to expand and improve business operations.

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Access to expertise

If you're a small to midsize business, odds are you don’t have a massive enough IT budget to hire a panel of experts to guide you through the rapidly changing world of technology and data. With a third-party IT support service, you have access to high levels of technology and external resources that you wouldn't otherwise have access to throughout business transitions and when emergencies arise. This helps you stay competitive in your industry.

Re-focus your priorities

Lastly, offloading your IT support responsibilities lets you focus more on your business. When you’re handling all of your IT support internally, your focus is often divided by a bunch of different technical priorities to keep your site, product and/or application up and running. Outsourcing IT lets you focus on what matters: growing and supporting your business.

In the video below, President of Network Engineering and IT expert -Dave Spilker shares why and when businesses should outsource their IT support.

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