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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage by Dave Spilker

Many businesses today are moving towards cloud storage. However, what are the true benefits and disadvantages of cloud storage for business use?

The Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Being dependent on a cloud-based platform can cause you to get locked into that vendor, and can sometimes lead to spending more time and money changing over to another storage solution later on. Privacy, security, and bandwidth issues are also potential problems using cloud-based storage for businesses.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

The mobile workforce is a major driver of enterprise change, and the cloud is a major enabler of the mobile workforce. Flexibility is especially important for seasonal businesses, which tend to have vastly different resource requirements during the season and for the rest of the year. Cloud storage solutions allow businesses to significantly lower their IT expenses in the short-term by placing the burden of IT infrastructure maintenance on ongoing upgrades on someone else’s shoulders. This can be especially attractive for businesses that have no IT support in-house.

In the video below, President of NE-INC Dave Spilker shares his insights on the benefits and disadvantages of cloud storage for companies.

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