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Power Line Explosion Destroys Client's Home - Backups Saved The Day

Updated: Feb 28

One of our client's had their home office catch fire, due to a power line exploding nearby. It could have potentially destroyed their business data, but thankfully we had a solid hardware & cloud backup system setup for them.

As you can see in the video below (with security camera footage of the fire), an accident can happen anytime to compromise your business systems. Having multiple backups in place is essential for any company to preserve their data.

Watch video below

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This is a story of a man that is very glad his system is backed up. He hears a humming noise in his backyard and his power has gone out. Thousands of volts entered his home through the incoming power lines. You can see the line dropping after it was melted. High voltage injured the house and blew up the power meter. Then a lightning bolt of power jumped out of the breaker box burning a large hole in the front and started a fire in the basement where this business’s equipment was located...

Today you've seen a video showing some of the reasons why you might want to have a good backup. We tell our clients to follow the 3,2,1 Rule. You should have three complete backups, two of them are on different Medias so if you have a server and then you want to have another drive that is your backup drive, and then you have one copy that is off-site out in the cloud somewhere else outside of the building. 

It's also a good idea to have even more backups in addition to that. We have customers that have offline backups, two or three times a year, unplug this additional backup drive from the network and have it off-site or offline in case there was some sort of ransomware attack or they needed a version of a file from months prior. It’s a relatively inexpensive thing to do.

Backups to the cloud are not that expensive either. You're talking a few hundred dollars for a small business up to maybe a few thousand for a larger mid-size business a year. That's not expensive compared to the cost of reconstructing a business’s data. In the event you just saw, we had him back up and running in very little time. It happened on a Thursday and we had him back up and running by the weekend. You never know when you might need to reconstruct your business from a backup. It’s a good idea to have more backups than you need rather than fewer.

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