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Access Internet At Remote Locations With MoFi Routers

Updated: Feb 28

If you need Internet at a remote location, or flexibility with multiple service providers to get the best, secure online coverage, a MoFi router is a great solution.

MoFi routers provide a cellular Internet connection, and could be valuable as a backup Internet system to your current provider. You can swap multiple providers on the same device to get the best connection based on your location, while creating a secure connection to protect your business online.

In the video below, Dave Spilker shares more details using a MoFi router and how it works.

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Let’s talk about Cellular Internet. This is important because there's companies that have construction trailers and they need to have a need to have Internet at a remote location. You could have a business that's moved to a new location and their internet service provider is not up yet and they need to have Internet now, today. 

You can use this as a backup or failover to existing wire or fiber based Internet systems. The easiest way might be through a hotspot on an iPhone or you could go buy a hotspot at Verizon but a lot of times those don't have the same performance we've seen when we’ve experimented with those. I've had a lot of situations with dropped packets, or poor performance. This device here has LTE antennas as well as Wi-Fi antennas. It can connect to a cellular account and provide a much stronger Internet signal. 

One of the neat things about this is it’s vendor/carrier-independent. I can plug in an AT&T chip and test it at a particular location. If that doesn't work so well because AT&T isn’t strong in that area, we can take that chip out and put in a Verizon chip, reprogram it, and test with Verizon.

What we've done is just either add a chip onto an existing account or buy a prepaid account to try it out and see how well it works. If it works well, keep paying. If it doesn't, shut the account off since it was prepaid anyway. 

We can set up firewalls behind them if necessary so the traffic is all encrypted and we can make it so that the home office can communicate with the remote office. They can do Printing and and support different things like that without the users having to mess around with a software VPN on their individual devices. It makes for a portable, secure office network.

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