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Update Your Business WiFi Access Points

Updated: Feb 28

If your business is using an old Wifi setup, you should consider upgrading your system. Upgrading WiFi access points can be very beneficial including:

  1. Improved Coverage & Connectivity

  2. Improved Security

  3. Faster and Consistent Performance

  4. SSID Monitoring - Access Realtime Connections

  5. Affordability

Learn more by watching the video below...

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Today’s topic is Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi access points. You might have your servers in good shape and your computers updated and your firewall in good shape, but are you running a Wireless that you've had for 10 years on the same old Wi-Fi unit(s).

There have been dramatic advances in improvements, performance, reliability, and security. With more modern Wi-Fi, you'll get better performance, you'll get more solid performance, fewer drops, and you can monitor what devices are accessing which SSID name, and  frequency they're using, and what their performance is like. You can monitor this in real-time from a cloud-based console. It’s relatively in-expensive. A nice Wi-Fi the unit itself is around $200 bucks. You might spend a couple hundred bucks on installation and configuration but it's well worth it, especially if you’re looking at multiple access points.

We can set these up in a mesh configuration where as you walk from one Wi-Fi area to another, it will automatically log out of the one and log into the new one. As the signal gets weaker from the old one, it will drop and pick up with the new one without the user even noticing. This way you can have coverage throughout your business. 

Another thing we've seen with some older implementations of Wi-Fi is that everything is all bunched together as just one Wi-Fi. This is insecure. Your internal traffic is mixed in with Guest traffic or smart phones, etc. It’s best to segment that traffic and separate it so that you only have devices on your main network that need to be that need access to staff resources. Things that just need Internet access like smart phones, tablets, personal (non-business) laptops, etc should be kept off your internal staff Network.

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