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How Businesses Can Save Money on Internet and Phone Services.

In order to make sure you're getting the most out of your phone and Internet services as a business, you need to understand the “buzzwords” of salespersons and the billing process of the telephone and internet industry.

Oftentimes, Internet or phone salespersons advertise a great offer, with the billing details being vague or obscure, causing businesses to pay more than expected. Here is how businesses can save money on Internet and phone services. Below is a common scenario of when a company was bought out by another company. This buyout situation is common, but presents a number of confusing and complicated situations regarding billing and invoicing...

In the chaos of the transaction, the phone bill is overlooked. The phone vendor turns off the phones, because of past due invoices. This company has phones with one vendor, and Internet provided a cable company. The President makes the following proclamation: “I don’t care what it takes, get our phones back on!”. So, someone calls the phone vendor, and says “give us what we had before, and get our phones back on.” The phone vendor then proceeds to process a new order for both phone, AND internet, and then faxes over the paperwork to the President, for signature. The President is not a “technology guy”, and just wants his phones back on, so he signs the paperwork. Now the company has TWO internet service providers, plus their phones back. The phone provider signed them up for seven T1 circuits (Chaining T1 circuits together was the holy grail of "high speed internet" in the late "90's and early 2000's), on a three year contract! The boss said "give us what we had before," and the sales person at the phone vendor took every word of that. So, at the end of the day, the company had 300mb/second internet service with a cable company, seven T1’s with a phone company (which would give the customer Internet speeds at least 25 times SLOWER than what the cable company provided), and an additional overpriced T1 for voice. It's what "they had before."

This scenario is a great example of why it's important to work with a knowledgeable team that can track the details of phone and Internet billing. Working with a professional IT company can greatly help with reviewing bills and making adjustments with Internet and phone services. It's common for Internet providers to make errors on their bills of several hundred dollars per month. When these errors are recognized, you can request a credit be made to the bill, resulting in even more savings per month. After recognizing any errors, you can negotiate pricing and billing on your business Internet and phone service expenses. With the end-result savings on these errors and negotiating your service, you can likely Install a new phone system, and a new computer system with just the savings from their utility bills, and to have money left over for other needed improvements. NE-INC helped eliminate nearly $2000/month in duplicate service provider fees for this one customer. We would be happy to provide a thorough review of your internet and utility bills, for a nominal fee (typically $250). NE-INC was able to help the company in the scenario above, and they would agree it was the best $250 they ever spent!

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Zane D
Zane D
Sep 18, 2021

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