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Using Windows Pro vs Windows Home for Businesses

Updated: Feb 28

In this video, President of NE-INC- Dave Spilker explains the important differences between using Windows Pro vs. Windows Home for business. Too often, people buy computers with Windows Home for business use to save money. However, as you grow your business and add users with more computers, it can become difficult and expensive to manage your computer systems together on a network.

Using Windows Pro allows you to connect all your computer systems to a single domain, resulting in much easier and more efficient management for individual workstations.

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of using Windows Home vs. Windows Pro.

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Let’s talk about Windows Home edition versus Windows Pro. 

A lot of people buy computers right off the bat with Windows Home and don’t even notice. Maybe it was on sale or they may not even realize that there's a difference. For business use you really want to use Windows Pro. Windows home lacks business features and makes your business harder to manage.

As you buy computers for your business and the business grows…you add some more computers, hire some more people, etc. Every time you buy another group of computers, you have to add users and passwords and it starts to get more and more chaotic. Who has access to what?


Jim is logging in on Bob’s old computer and the user is still called Bob because it’s still linked to Bob’s personal Microsoft account. Bob got a new computer, but then left the company and now Steve is using Bob’s new computer. It gets messy quickly as each computer has its own unique setup because home PCs are designed for an end user, not a business.

It's very difficult or almost impossible to manage access to Shared resources and to manage policies across all of these computers. With a Domain or Active Directory, you can do just that. It just makes managing a business much easier. In order to join a domain, the computers have to have Windows Pro. If they have Windows home, you have to pay an extra $100 per computer to the Microsoft store to convert them to Pro. This is more expensive and it's more time consuming because of our consulting time to upgrade them. 

We really recommend that when you're shopping for a computer for a business, get one with Windows Pro. If you need some help selecting a computer that’s right for you, give us a call.

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