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ManageEngine's Desktop Central and why it's useful for your business.

Keeping your company's computers patched, updated, and well-organized is very important, especially in today's world of online security. ManageEngine's Desktop Central can help better manage your office computer network and perform preventative maintenance. This leaves less work for your in-house IT team, and eliminates IT Support to be constantly on-site performing various tasks.

With Desktop Central, businesses can have their computers and servers receive secure updates automatically, manage their hardware inventory, and receive instant 1-on-1 remote support. Updates can be pushed whenever it is convenient, and not just when Windows or 3rd party software decides it should be updated.

NE-INC is an Indiana-based IT company and has helped hundreds of businesses using Desktop Central.

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How Does It Work? With Desktop Central, we can easily screen share with clients to offer instant support 24/7. You don't have to download a screen sharing program each time you need support, and the setup process is streamlined and simple. There's a simple one-step installation process on your workstation, and you're ready to go! From that point forward, you can receive remote support anytime. If users are hyper-sensitive about privacy, there is a feature where the remote user has to confirm first in order for us to access your screen.

Manage Your Hardware Inventory With Desktop Central, you can have a running inventory of which software is installed on each computer. If there is a specific program you don't want on your work environment computers (gaming, etc), Desktop Central can remotely push a job to uninstall that program.

Easily Migrate Software From Computer to Computer

What if you want to breathe new life into your old PC, so you reinstall the OS on your machine? If you need record of what programs your old workstation had so you know what to reinstall, Desktop Central has that. What if you have the disc to reinstall your OS, but need the OS serial code from your old installation? Desktop Central has that.

Keep Track of Hardware Inventory Need to know model number and warranty information about your PC? Desktop Central has a hardware inventory for each client. It also has a disk usage tab so you know if you're getting low on space.

In the video below, President of NE-INC -Dave Spilker shares tips on how to use Desktop Central while demonstrating its essential functions...

Summary Desktop Central's tools make it easier to manage your IT infrastructure, and helps support daily business operations. It is a very affordable solution to your internal business network!

NE-INC is an Indiana-based IT company and has helped hundreds of businesses using Desktop Central.

Click HERE to contact for a free quote!

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